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Developer Basics Overview

In this online Flash tutorial you'll learn everything you need to know to begin developing the right way. We've noticed that many people in the industry don't even know the core Flash foundations. There are a lot of resources online, but few that concentrate on those core foundations: this forces new designers to simply copy other's code to get into development.

It's like building a house with no foundation. Might look fairly good for a short while, until you open the door and it falls down around your ears! Flash is the same: anyone can put objects on the stage that look great: the problem is, they do nothing. Copied code most often doesn't do what you really want it to: without the core foundations, you can't change it for your own unique design.

We provide a cohesive, step-by-step structured course to teach you to start building and becoming a developer. Our goal is to provide you with the basic building blocks to give you real skills to work with Flash Cs5 (Cs4, Cs3 too.)

During the next 11 hours we're going to break down those core foundations (not exclusive to Flash, by the way.) These building blocks are also used for Javascript and other languages. In this free tutorial, of course, you'll learn them with relation to Flash.

We teach these core foundations through articles, videos and exams that are exclusive to our website members. If you're viewing this video anywhere but our site, please go to (from zero to geek faster than a 66 Shelby Mustang) and join. It's a subscription-based site; your trial membership includes our free Flash tutorial

Who is this course for? Designers, developers, students, animators. Our goal is for you to learn the core foundations which will enable you to leap forward and build real development skills without having to sit in a classroom.

At the end of these 11 hours you'll clearly understand the Flash environment and the developer foundations of ActionScript 3.0. Once you know and understand these Flash foundations, you can leverage this skill set and understanding when you move into other languages or ActionScript with coding basics such as variables, operators, conditionals, functions, objects, loops, arrays and much more.

You'll also take an online Flash exam. We suggest taking the exam prior to working through the 11 hour course, because it will filter out what you already know and tell you which classes you need to take in that course. With 02geek, there's no boredom: you never sit through material you already know, and the new stuff is presented in an original, fun format.

So welcome to your free Starting Point course: let the fun begin!

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