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Split Paths : OOP

In this video, we take a step further into our OOP programming, object orientated programming. Seeing where we will code along with a very high level overview of the different elements we're working with. We will learn two ways to run an application. We actually get a look at certain things in detail, such as the contents of a basic AS file, a 'package.' Hint: a package tells Flash what directory the OOP class "Main" is in. This video explains what a 'movie clip' is: it is contained in the package. Learn to define a new object that is created dynamically as we're running the application: the object is actually the application!

NOTE: Everything in Flash is case-sensitive: if you name a class "Bouncing_Ball" and later call it "bouncing_ball," you'll get an error.

I'm sure we will find things in our output and compiler errors if we make a mistake anywhere in the coding. Not to worry, this is a natural process and you can expect some mistakes and errors to be made. It's learning from those mistakes and actually bookmarking future solutions that help you become a great developer.

Still working in Split Paths: More OOP

We continue our steps along the path of OOP programming by learning how to send a value to the output panel. (Does "Hello World" sound familiar? ;) We show you examples and give you the exact run-down of how to run our applications. Also, in the most likely case that you become stuck or receive an error or caution warning, examples and solutions to your problems are provided.

Split Paths cont. OOP Video Transcript

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