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Ever had a dream that you were an HTML5 Hero? Most people do... so let those dreams come true with this super cool new course that will roar in and take you from 0 to Hero! The topics in this course range from the technical changes to HTML to the depths of working with JavaScript in an HTML5 world... and the amazing new functionality that will blow you away. It's time to learn HTML5 before everyone thinks you're an old far... uh, an old-school developer -- and have a lot of fun in the process! Did someone say HTML5 video?

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Why are we moving up to HTML5?

We have a few basic assumptions here. The first is you know basic html,css and some basic Javascript. if that sounds like you then you are ready to move on into the world of html5. We don't assume much for this title but we do have a good pace to help keep you from spending time on things that don't matter or even worse teaching you things about HTML that you already know.

Why has HTML5 been updated? AKA What's wrong with HTML4?

Since HTML4 was introduced to the world many things in the web changed. The days of repetitively static sites that only work on desktops are long gone. We live in a world where users consume there internet through so many devices: desktop, tv & mobile to count a few of them. One thing that sticks as something that would stick out is that HTML4 hasn't been updated for many years. Browsers where in a very long sleep as plugins basically took over the web(such as Flash and SilverLight). As mobile devices matured and users demanded full featured mobile web so did the habits of users and the needs and demands from HTML grow. From interactive rich video sites to animations there was just no stream line solution provided as a standard that would work across platforms. As Flash is losing some of its steam as it can not penetrate into new markets a gaping needs has been established pushing the industry stronger and faster then ever to get HTML5 to the front lines.

HTML5 is a major update coming to solve many of the issues encountered by this new age type of applications integrating new capabilities and removing some capabilities to stream line the development process. to learn html5 is to learn something that is developing as the standard has not been finalized yet. With that said all modern browsers are pushing to update and be ready for this shift.

learn html5 video trainingWhat is HTML5?

HTML is a formatting language that is simple text that is then parsed by browsers and renders web pages. The latest edition HTML5(still in development) has added new features built in to the browser such as video, audio and canvas. it introduced new structure tags and removed older tags that focused mainly on visual modifications as now from html5 its invalid to use styling directly in nodes but css needs to be used instead.

How can you survive this update?

The good news is that all the changes really are geared at making our life easier and not harder. They do request us to stop styling directly in our HTML tags but this is more of a request then a demand as the browsers are requested to continue and support "deprecated tags".

learn html5 video training includes:

  • An overview of what we will be learning in this session. Aka Html5 and the Javascript interfaces to interact in it. we will talk about expectations and who should be watching this a short really short history of html.
  • Out with the old... We explore the basic things you need to do in your HTML files to modernize them and get them to fit the new specification formats. from default styles, default scripts, getting rid of your dtd info and more.
  • The easiest way to look into the new elements is breaking them down into two types. Structure elements and functionality elements.Structure elements there main goal are to create a structure element in the HTML document. a good example for a structure element would be a header element as its not a visual element or a functional one but an idea that lets us know what type of information we can expect to have within it. While functionality elements add new functionality to HTML(mainly through a JavaScript API).
  • It would be impossible to list out every change as its still changing. html5 is a very much live and changing document as of early 2012. Its not important to memorize code but to understand key changes. as if you know why the changes are happening it will make it really easy to remember what is part of the new and what shouldn't be used anymore.
  • What to do some matHML and SVG directly in HTML. well now you can. in html5 support was added for matHML and SVG. The HTML syntax of HTML5 allows for MathML and SVG elements to be used inside a document.
  • Examples of usage of changes to structure in html5. In this video we continue the last few videos where we take a deeper look at changes form html4 to html5.
  • We talked about the two types of elements introduced into HTML5. This example will be an example to the functional elements. (in this video you see me say the way word thematic to many times ;). But if you can ignore that the goal of this video is to show you the idea of elements that represent something that might become interactive such as the video, sound and so forth although this sample isn't as interactive - we are saving the interactive ones for a later date ;).

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Our on line school is private, affordable and interactive with trainer support.
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