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Building It Up From Scratch

Complete step-by-step guide on how to build a Flash application from scratch. Learn every dynamic of the file structure, and how to run the application you build. This is basically a summary video for the videos you have already watched; you should, feel somewhat comfortable by now as you're coding in your custom workspace you created in this video.

From creating a new folder to seeing the output display, you will do it all in this final Starting Point lesson - and be ready for some real, hands-on coding.

For beginning developers, your next course will be Coding Basics 1. There, you'll learn about strings (not the kind you use to play with your cat,) computing math through basic methods such as sqrt(), and discovering the wonders of variables. (Part 2 will cover variables in depth.)

For experienced developers, maybe you need to brush up on Functions or really learn about Objects and why they're the buzz in our geeky world.

Stretch those wings to learn Javascript, to learn XML or how to design mobile apps! It's all here, it's all designed to teach with attention to detail, and it's all fun!

Time for a subscription, wouldn't you say?  

Building it up Video Transcript

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