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What makes us stand out?

How do you create a learning experience online that has never been seen before? The answer and our goal may seem complicated, but they're actually quite simple. We first focus on figuring out what your strengths and weaknesses are in Flash so we can edit the amount of (learning/educational) videos you may need to watch. That's just the start, we then precede tracking and discovering your learning habits, such as how well you are doing in ActionScript 3, meanwhile your exam scores enable us to customize your learning experience.

We are personally committed to your success, we're not a website, we are a school. We are dedicated to teaching you everything about Flash. Their is always someone here to help you through the ups and downs. From our private community to our instructors, there is someone here to guide you through your learning journey. A rich library of videos, exams and cutting edge software related updated material(such as Flash CS5.5 and other Adobe Products), ensures learning ActionScript 3 in a breeze while keeping you using the most advanced tools. No hassle what so ever, whether you're the bookworm type who rigorously studies until perfection or just an airy developer looking to brush up their skills, finding and learning the correct videos is simple. No matter what your level is, from a starting developer all the way up to an experienced developer looking to enhance there OOP skills you will find an outlet in our school.

"...I almost gave up on learning programming and then I found your site Ben, thank you..." (James C.)

Why learn from a website, when you could buy a book or read a tutorial? Well, most chances are if you're reading this paragraph that it just didn't work so far. You are not alone; folks are geared towards finding the lowest common denominator to sell books. Meanwhile, tutorials tend to be focused on razor sharp subjects, leaving a very large gap for people who really want to become professionals as developers. That is where we come into the picture. Our tutorials are thorough building blocks that were strategically picked to advance your level in experience when it comes to ActionScript 3 and Flash. As our tutorials are very thorough using our custom exam platform, your content is filtered so you only have to watch what you need to watch.

The best way to discover how great this school can be is to try us out. By the way, if you are not ready for commitment you can always take a free trial and try out our features.

Learn ActionScript 3 and all the coding you need to become a developer. Our courses offer everything you need to learn Flash. We guide you through the basics while allowing you free range to move along at any rate. There is something useful on almost every page of our site, so you can never make a wrong turn. If you get lost in a course, previous videos are still there to help you back on track. "...if a person wants to learn actionscript then Everything Flash is the best place to go!" (Danny Priest-Glover)

Our Philosophy

We think learning is part of life; it shouldn't be segregated through career moves. Our site is the gym that your brain has always wanted. It will always keep you up to date with the newest and most important things to know that help you continue thinking as a developer. We strongly encourage long term usage. The longer your commitment the lower your price, [dramatically lower prices the longer your commitment, starting from a weekly commitment]. If you just want to check out some of our videos try out what's new in Flash CS5.5. or dive into our quickies section for a more broad overview.

Everything Flash's History

Everything Flash started from Ben's idea to capture Ben's learning throughout his career and to share them with the world. This idea began brewing in his head in his early teens, but only after his success in his career has he found the confidence to take on this challenge of educating online. Everything Flash was created in early 2010 and has since enrolled over 2,000 students. (As of June 2011)

"...Ben changed my perspective. I am beginning to see the big picture and it looks great!..." [Thomas Bove]

Never feel confused, frustrated, or upset about coding again, the answers to your ActionScript 3 problems are a few steps away so join us now.

EverythingFLA is an ActionScript 3 online school that mimics private lessons with students using 40-60 minute Flash courses as a primary teaching tool supplemented with exams and other tools to enhance the learning. It has been in development for the past 3 years (with many hidden features that are slowly revealed). We have been live since May, 2010 and are owned by Everything Nice, Inc.

Why go for a book or quick article online, when you can join our club and be a part of something much more meaningful? (And it's extremely affordable). We take care of the details of what you should learn; all you need to worry about is How to Join.

We depend on our students

Our Flash courses go beyond just videos. Learn programming in ActionScript 3 and more during one of our live events, in which our community of students are always welcomed to come join and help stear the conversation. Join the interaction and participate in the discussions, while picking up ActionScript 3 tips and skills from fellow students, guest developers and our staff.

Most of our content is driven by our students as they encounter issues or just want to learn new things. Our ears are to our students and we interact with them and build with there help our stratagy and our projects. We really don't want you to just be a student we want you to be active, send us emails, join our live events, and most importently be part of our vibrant community.

p.s. Don't forget to have Fun!

Our Appreciation

We care about our students and appreciate the passion and efforts of each individual. Here at everythingfla we strive to teach our students and to support their goals. We love when our members excel, and we're always happy to share the bliss of a beginner developer when they have learned something new. Your accomplishments are in a sense our compliments. So, with that we thank you all and hope to continue watching your strengths and skills grow as you advance through your journey. As kind as words can be we are also about action, and to show you this we provide rewards for our prominent and hard-working students.

About Ben Fhala

Ben started learning the art of visual programing at the age of 13. It took him a few good years before he managed to build his first very rough web site, but back in the day a rough website was just about what was out there. It didn't take him long to discover Flash (back then was Flash 3) and ActionScript 1, ActionScript 2, and later ActionScript 3. He always had a passion for teaching and making complicated ideas simple. While starting and learning Flash and coding in general he found it very hard to lean on any resource. There were many books, videos, and sites that claimed to teach, but only after pain staking work and reading so many technical documents had he finally realized that the agenda of others doesn't always correlate with the actual users. Since then he has been working and finding time to teach students and build his vision of a holistic ground up school that would teach the art of visual coding.

"He is more than just a talented developer. His passion and determination set him aside from anyone else I have met. The methods in which he incorporates into his teachings are brilliant. I actually understand coding, something I never did until now. It's amazing, how something I believed to be overwhelming and comprehensively difficult could be explained in such a manner that it almost became simplistic." (Matthew Hewett)

Ben has worked with the largest companies in the world building games, billboard interactive displays, multi-user applications, web sites and smart apps working with companies such as Target, AT&T, Crayola, Verizon, Panasonic, US Congress and many more. Although he loves building applications he is even more passionate about teaching and building a school that really matters and really changes peoples life's.

About Our ActionScript 3 School | Our Philosophy | Everything Flash's History | Flash Courses that lean on our Students | Our Appreciation | About Ben