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Starting Point Overview

This hour will cover getting started by:

  • Knowing your Flash Environment (Property panel, toolbar, timeline) comparing different versions of Flash.
  • The files we will be working with: source, deploy and the differences between them
  • Publishing: the basic core foundations of how to publish, what is publishing, the files created during publishing
  • The Output Panel: Important throughout the next 11 hours, so we will look at what it is, how to work with it
  • Trouble-shooting: How to understand when things go wrong
  • What is OOP? OOP vs. Timeline: OOP = Object-Oriented Programming. In these first 11 hours we won't be programming this way, but it will make it easier to understand when we do. You can work either in OOP or the Timeline: we'll show you both variations.
  • Sample files and resources: We talk briefly about the importance of taking the exams, which helps you discover what you need to watch and why.

This is the "Starting Point": where all the fun begins!

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