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Split Paths : Timeline Coding

Reviewing the more simple and traditional way of developing in flash: taking the easy path. In this video we break down the timeline and explain how to utilize it with code for Flash.

Split Paths cont. Timeline Coding

For Flash coding, if you choose not to work in OOP the opposing alternative is timeline coding. Learn what this means, how to create a layer, and use frames effectively. Start by simply clicking the first frame on the TimeLine, opening the Actions Panel, and then typing:

trace ("Hello World");

Find out what happens when you run this application!

Now you see the different paths available for programming in Flash: the traditional timeline coding, or OOP. While Timeline coding is simple to begin with, the longer you do it, the harder it gets as you must search for more complicated things to add. If you simply start coding using OOP, possibly the learning curve is steeper but the farther you go, the easier it gets. In the long run, OOP saves time and trouble: this verifies the answer to "why use OOP" !

Timeline Coding Video Transcript

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