What's New In Flash CS5.5


Learn what's new In Flash CS5.5 Pro

If you have been working with Flash CS3/CS4/CS5 and want to have a quick run down of the capabilities and new features introduced to CS5.5 then pay attention. In this overview course we will run down the basics and show you first hand all of the new capabilities introduced into this latest release. Why wait to figure it out, just watch our quick videos and find out exactly what you can do to take advantage of these new capabilities.

What will you get out of this course about CS5.5

By the end of this course you will know everything that is new to this release and will not only be capable but confident with what to incorporate into current and future projects.

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What's in the videos:

Getting Started

In this video we set expectations to what you will get out of this course. By the end of this course you will know everything that is new to this update and be capable to figure out what to incorporate into current and future projects.

New Publish Settings Dialog

The Publish Settings have been re-architected to improve the usability and to modernize its look and feel. The dialog can now be quickly accessed from a new Publish Settings button in the Document Properties panel as well as the File menu. Users can select multiple publish formats on the left and edit the corresponding settings for each format on the right. Various settings have been moved for greater visibility (i.e Player and Script version) while other settings have been move into collapsible areas so as not to overwhelm new or even more experienced Flash users.

Integrated Controller with Loop Range

You can now control author time playback using a new integrated controller at the bottom of the Timeline and the Motion Editor to control playback and quick navigation in your animation. In addition to the controller there is now a Loop button which will bring up markers for you to specify which frames you want to loop playback over. This Loop Range will make it easier to repeatedly review a particular part of your animation.

Copy and Paste Layers

Flash Professional CS5.5 gives you more control over the contents on timeline through Copy and Paste Layers feature. You can copy and paste any type of layer, such as Motion, IK, etc., with all contents on the layer on the same timeline, to a different timeline or to a different fla document. And, the structure of the selected layers are kept intact, for example, Mask and its Maskees maintain their relationship in the pasted layers. You can also select a folder, copy, paste it and its all contents are pasted along with the folder.

Incremental Compilation

The first time a document is compiled in CS5.5, the compiler will cache all the embedded fonts and sounds items (the need re-compression) into a cache file. On subsequent test movie or publish, the compiler will use the cached asset, thus reducing the compile time noticeably.

Auto Recover and Auto Save

Auto Recover is enabled in the preferences panel and at the specified time intervals (by default 10 minutes) will create a copy of the current open file(s) and name them RECOVER_. Those copies will be saved in the same location as the actual file. Flash will not create multiple copies, but only one copy that gets overwritten every time the auto save occurs. This copy will be deleted once Flash is closed properly. In the event of Flash closing unexpectedly, a dialog will prompt the user to recover the files that were open once you re-launch Flash.

Visible Property

Every display object in Flash has a visible property. The only way to set this property was to use ActionScript. New support has been added to toggle this property on/off directly in the PI for such display object. In order to support this feature a new SWF Tags in the Flash Player has been added. Therefore this feature will only work when targeting Flash Player 10.2 or higher. When doing so you will see a new Visible checkbox in the Display section of the PI.

What's new For FLT Text

Taking a deeper look at what's new in TLF text in flash pro. Adobe promises that Cs5.5 is more Mobile friendly and new tabbing logic has been added into the text.

Library Conflicts

A new logic has been added in Flash to support Library Conflicts. CS5.5 special features.

Bone Pin

New bone pinning added into flash. With Cs5.5. you are able to pin certain bones to the stage in order to prevent them from moving.

New with Bitmaps

In this video we will review the new Bitmap features in Flash cs5.5. As well as explore all of the wild and fun extras flash has to offer.

Bitmap Question

Learn everything you need to know about bitmap while working in flash.

Stage Scale

Now an easier way to scale content on the stage, thanks to flash!

Project Updates

In this video we will see what's new in the project panel and actually the new feature that enables a much easier work between flash and flex.

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Our on line school is private, affordable and interactive with trainer support.
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