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Where Is It?

We compare the difference in Flash layouts between Cs5, Cs4, and Cs3. We explain As3 further as we work primarily in Cs5. First we will open the 3 CS types, compare them and see the differences between them. We will start with Flash CS5, which opens with a welcome screen very similar to older versions. The welcome screen is very important to find. If you can't find it, then go to "file>new" or browse to open a recent file as you would in any other application.

Where is it: Cs3 Cs4 Cs5 layouts

In the many versions of Flash, you can choose to work in the preset workspace Flash layout, or you can customize the layout to fit your personal likes and dislikes. Have fun making your workspace as comfy as possible! Let's discuss the most important panels, starting with the Welcome Screen described above. From your welcome screen you can decide what you want to create and where you want to toggle to! Your properties panel (only available if a file is open,) is also a very important component of your workspace. We will continue to discuss different components of the workspace in future videos, when it really gets fun!

Where is it? video transcript

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