Developer Basics
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This Flash tutorial is the perfect starting point for anyone who has never used Flash before. Its main focus is getting you familiar with your Flash environment quickly so we can jump into coding. We will revisit these concepts in future courses.


Break into the basics of coding in any language! We'll introduce fundamental techniques and the concepts of variables, comments, the string, and more.


Delving deeply into variables: Strings vs. Numbers, Primitives, Math Operators. You're beginning to code, now!

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Operators are as common as they are critical in any programming language. Their main roles are for testing and manipulating data. Rational, Boolean - comparison, and when does nothing = nothing?

Conditionals enable code to be more dynamic and flexible. The if statement tests a specific condition and runs code depending on the result: it can cause control to 'branch' to other code. Fun!

Switch is another form of conditional. It can replace multiple else..if sections. Like the if, it also executes depending upon the given conditions but the syntax is much easier to read and write. Switch is slick!

Functions Functions Exam Functions Video Filter 1:22:45

Functions enable us to write chunks of code that perform an action: they can be reused, making our code cleaner and more effective. Play with this one: write your own functions!

Objects Objects Exam Objects Video Filter 1:08:09

Objects are our first complex data type. Boy are we gonna have fun with 'em!

Arrays Arrays Exam Arrays Video Filter 1:12:56

Intro to another complex data type, but the array is structured. How to use and define them: learn well, because you'll be seeing many, many of them in time to come. Create several different ones: push, pop and shift! (Geek speak for 'shake, rock & roll.')

Say it again, Sam! (and again, and again...) Learn why repetition is a good thing, how to do it, where to use loops. Just think, you can kill Flash with this one! Leap in and learn.

"For" loops? You got em, now. What about loops that step through an object? How about nested loops? Learn how to break out of a loop, too - helpful to avoid killing Flash!

This is what happens when a student gets excited over coding - they come up with a cool new video! Not to be missed.