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Overall Things To Know

For the new programmer, it is wise to learn about the basics and to get a constructive understanding of where things are (tools, stage, window) first before you venture into building your first Flash application. Here, you will learn the necessary steps as you follow a where's-what-and-what-to-know guide. Break through your learning curve by memorizing shortcuts, and studying the important things to know.

Flash: A time based programming language

Before building programs in Flash, you should realize that it is a time_based programming language. We are just going to go over a few overall things that you need to know about first in order to work with Flash.


  1. Flash is a time-based programming language, in other words, as Flash is running your application, it will run a certain amount of frames per second.
  2. Your application will always have a stage, which is where you will build your application.
  3. We have the tools panel, which contains the tools that you can use to create visual things directly on the stage: everything from fonts to rectangles and tools to change shapes. The tools panel is very intuitive, and it is very easy to become familiar with. We suggest you simply play with it: running the cursor over any tool, a pop-up informs you what the shortcut is to access that tool.
  4. (make sure you keep track and pay attention!) To find visual things related to your application, they will usually be in your window>layout. Concepts related to running your application are found in your control panel.
  5. After that, there are subjects that are a bit harder to figure out. For example, what is "modify?" "Modify" changes things that are connected to different types of objects, your timeline, or in general your document itself. (Learn more about objects here.)
  6. Finally, ActionScript developers traditionally keep their code in the actions panel. There are so many ways of doing the same thing. We recommend that you spend some time playing around with the menus and options, just to familiarize yourself with them. Go ahead; get yourself more comfortable in this new environment!

Overall Things to know Video Transcript

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