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Learning better is better

Understanding takes time and focus. Learning fast isn't necessarily better.
With an array of educational tools that customize to your needs and experience learning with us is Better.

how to flash cs6

Been there and done that?

We have a 'filter this' feature for all the smarty-pants out there. We don't offer detailed courses. We offer detailed courses that are unique to your needs. If you've been there and done that, then skip it and move on.

online developer school

Hate it when you get stuck?

Want to talk to a professional? Man, have we got good news for you. Know when you're stuck and just want to talk to someone. Well now you got someone listening on our end.

learn actionscript

We're not one of those.

School is about learning and having fun, but it's also about communicating with others. Think of us as a school where you're encouraged to talk in class. Listen, Learn, Weigh in and Repeat.

as3, as2 and more

Our Students Speak Out

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Dylan Smith
Developer & Animator
Atmosphere Proximity
5 out of 5
"With over 1000 reviews you can't go wrong"
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Html5  Data Visualization
New Book!

HTML5 Data Visualization

Check out Ben’s Book I will change the way you see data.

Learning JavaScript with Animation
New Course

Learning JavaScript with Animation

Break into the world of animation and programming at the same time! This ground shacking course will mixes animation into learning JavaScript to make an easy fun and very practical training.

Why Us?

While others focus on being hot, hip and cool (yet mainly empty of real substance) - we stand out by working hard! Our strategy is to teach you and not sell you. Our focus is richly-detailed courses that span from the basics to advanced OOP and development strategies for experienced programmers until you know how to program and market your developments..

Our teaching is delivered through many hours of video broken down into manageable classes and exams. In addition we have workshops, live events and message boards where students can work with each other.

The best way to understand why we are better is by taking one of our many free courses or taking a leap that will help change and empower your creative life.

Start today and Learn Programing Better