Coding Basics 2

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Coding Basics 1 ( ??? );
WARNING: you did not complete all prerequisites of this course. To Complete prerequisites above, pass course Exam.

It's time to tackle, tangle, and tango with the concept of variables. You'll see how you can use variables to add numbers and strings, or perform basic mathematical operations more efficiently. We finish with an overview of primitive values - and not the kind painted on cave walls!.

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Start with the developer basics and Learn how to code in Actionscript 3.0


Welcome to the developer basics, Coding Basics Part 2! Obviously at this point you're familiar with the mathematical part of Flash: the numbers, variables and basic math. If you're not already familiar with the Flash environment, you'd best revisit Coding basics Part 1it's vital that you understand the concepts featured in Coding basics Part 1! That course starts our exploration of learning how to code in Flash. You are strongly encouraged to take the Coding Basics Part 1 exam before taking this course. If you don't pass it, you need to take that course before diving into this one.

We are going to discuss brackets, operators , primitive variables - a quick intro. The introduction to brackets includes how to use them effectively as they are an integral part of Flash. I'll also share some little secrets (02 Tips) with you which will definitely make your life easier when coding or dealing with errors.

In this hour we%u2019ll look into:

  • What Opens Must Close - Brackets and their usage plus one of my favorite shortcuts. This is a quick detour - I will let you in on a major 02 Tip! It's my favorite shortcut in the course and will help you manage the many brackets you'll come across in your work.
  • Addition - The basics of addition for numbers and strings. In this class we explore how to add strings together (weird as it sounds) and how to add numbers together. If you think that isn't enough we'll even look at error 1084 and figure out how to avoid it!
  • Mixing strings and numbers and their exceptions - we'll look into how to manage a mixture of string and numbers. When working with numbers and strings, it's important that we prevent Flash from automatically converting data so you'll not be automatically confused. To keep things simple, it's best to manage conversions on your own: we'll cover this to see why and how.
  • Looking into Casting : Conversion of Data type - How do we take a string and tell Flash that we actually want it to be a number? The answer would be a new function. This function type is called Casting (a term we'll revisit in the future.)
Start learning with the developer basics. Learn how to code in actionscript and become a Flash developer. Join us now.

Why learn with us?

Learning fast isn%u2019t always better: actually it's the other way around. How many times have you bought a book that promised you'd lose 20 pounds in 2 days? You%u2019re a rational person: you know that to really accomplish something or become a master of any art takes time. So how can you tell if you're doing the right thing when for the most part it%u2019s hard to know if you're learning the right things and getting the most out of it? All of our competitors focus on the shiny boxes %u2013 the Flashy part of Flash %u2013 but spend little time on your true needs.

We focus first on the less attractive things: we are teaching you how to learn from the ground up, instead of how to use someone else's code that does pretty things. Pretty is great, but what if you have an idea to make it even prettier? For that, you need the basics. We teach you what you need to understand so you can then make a real choice. We know that some people just want to play with cool things fast %u2013 if that%u2019s you, you'd be better off at Flash_R_us! However, if you really want to understand how to create amazing things yourself, jump in and try one of our titles. You'll get why we stand out from all our competitors just by giving us a test run. Learn to code Flash with us and see the difference yourself!

Learning with the big companies isn%u2019t always better, either. The bigger the company, the less time it can invest in you personally. Learning is a very personal thing! Our best students are the ones that are the most active in our community: they interact with each other and get our help as often as needed to solve their problems. Join us if you haven%u2019t already and learn the 02geek way of teaching: very intense, very deep, and a hair on the wild side!

  • The Developer basics 1 - a 12 hour training series. We are currently in the second hour of the Developer Basics, a step-by-step guide to code development.
  • Starting point - the first title in developer basics 1. This FREE Flash tutorial is the perfect starting point for those of you that have never used Flash before.
  • Operators - Learning how to code with operators, an essential key to becoming a developer. In this hour we'll explore the ins and outs of operators.
  • Conditions - Learn the basics of the %u201Cif statement.%u201D Conditionals enable our code to branch (execute one chunk of code or another) based on the result of logical conditions.
  • Conditions 2 - Learn to code with the %u201Cswitch%u201D statement. Switches are the "if" statement's little sister. They're not used as much as "if" statements, but they're very important building blocks.

02 Tip: on this course page, the Download Geek is right under the last of the text. Make sure and download the entire course before you begin: do NOT just copy the source code, though! Write it yourself, try to make it work. If it simply won't do its thing, that's the time to compare it to our source code!

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