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How our Flash tutorials differ from others online, helping you to become an experienced developer. The easy way simply doesn't work. You have to put in the time, and we're here to help you do just that and have fun too! Our students are our proof: some have gone from 0 to game developer with us. That's our raison d'etre: helping you be all that you can be, without wearing camo and marching with 100 pounds on your back.

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What should I learn first?

The developers basics flash tutorials teach you everything you need to know to become a great flash developer one tutorial at a time until you master the trade

if you are totally new to Flash please watch this Flash tutorial first as it will give you the background you need to get started working with Flash in general. If you have previously worked in Flash you can skip this first hour (or take an exam to refresh your memory ) and go directly to our first developer flash tutorials related to coding basics (part 1 of 2 lessons)

Why learn from our Flash tutorials?

There are many developer Flash tutorials and even more free ones online (some of which are amazing): no hiding that fact! You need to take a step back and ponder: why would someone publish a great free Flash tutorial online? There is always altruism: great people who want to share their wisdom with others (that is true: people who share are great!)  

These talented people take time off their own work to try and share something they know to help others so I can only support it and admit that we love and admire the free Flash tutorial web sphere.

Now you're likely wondering why you should pay for something you can get for free. The big difference between articles, free Flash tutorials and our site is two words: customized learning. We are focused on you unlike the other content online that is more slanted toward showing skills and is is usually narrowly focused on one topic. Our site's objective is more personal: you and only you.

Our goal with our teaching structure is to help you grow as a developer and give you tools and capabilities to become a master developer. Other online resources (Flash tutorials and such) or even books can't have a close personal connection with you and develop with you and your needs.

Some of our content is free (including Flash tutorials) as we love sharing and giving back to the community -- we really love the free and open web. We also want to build a very close relationship with out student: to make that happen costs a lot of money and time, so we must charge for this personalized service. In an ideal world my site would be fully free but my fridge would be empty except for half-filled cat food cans! ;) We charge as little as possible, but if you have financial issues, contact us and we will work with you to help you take our courses.

Our main agenda is really you: the money is a byproduct so I can eat organic food and buy fun toys for my cats, so please never fear contacting me if you need help. That's why this site exists ;)

What do you get out of our flash tutorials?

There are two popular types of teaching styles these days: focusing on a buzz key word such as "html5" (then giving you no deep concept that would help you grow as a developer) and a very broad topic that would fit a large market for ease of selling in masses. Both these styles have a place and are good at some level, but for many this style just doesn't work: it's expensive over time and you miss very critical building blocks without which you keep depending on other flash tutorials to get things done.

We don't' work that way! we don't create buzz word titles: we create titles we really think and know will expand your skills and make you better developers. If we don't believe it in it we don't make it - our agenda isn't very marketable, we admit. It's hard to sell someone an idea that will take 1-2 years to get to where you want to be, while selling a 15 minute video which claims you'll learn how to do everything in 2 minutes is really easy.

We want things the easy way too but it just doesn't work -- so if you really want to become a successful developer, give us a shot. Our results are our students: most of whom started with no background. In less than a year some turned into game developers and some got just get enough insight into the world of development that they can manage teams (mainly our creative students that just want to know how to talk with their developers and have a better grasp over what is going on.)

By the way this first title is totally free, so you can get started before you even consider wanting to spend some green.

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Our on line school is private, affordable and interactive with trainer support.
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