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Today, we will discuss the foundation of the Flash workspace, take a peek at different styles, and learn how to customize your own Flash layout so that it works best for you and of course looks the way you want! This is the fun part of workspaces. Give your new one a chance: save your custom layout and jump back into the action! Before we begin coding it is important to get a basic understanding of the Flash workspace. Learn all about the panels and study which shortcuts will make coding easier and faster for you.

Working in Flash: Cs5 workspace

You can change your workspace to your favorite layout. You want your panels in a different place? Drag them there. Don't want a particular panel (or panels cluttering up your workspace?) Close it/them. Everything is very fluid, so tinker with them and move things wherever you'd like. If you want to add panels, go to the window tab, and click on the panel of your choice. You can save your new layout, and it will not affect your actual file in any way. Set up several different ones to try out - have fun!

Our workspace video transcript

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