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Split Paths

Join us, as we take a deep look into OOP (Object orientated programming) and the fundamentals of how to do it.

Split Paths

There are two paths to take when learning to program: the easy way, and OOP (Object-Oriented Programming.) Sure, you can start the easy way and migrate to OOP: it's a lot harder than if you'd simply started with OOP from the outset.
Join us, as we take a deep look into OOP (Object orientated programming) and the fundamentals of how to do it.

Split Paths: Basics of Object orientated programming

Years ago I started playing guitar: never had lessons. Several years later I realized I just couldn't get better: finally I went to a guitar teacher. He told me the reason I couldn't improve (sucked, in fact) was because the way I was holding my pick had hosed the flexibility in my hand. I was devastated: I'm telling you this because at that point, I had to take a new path.

As a green programmer, you too have a choice of paths: the easy way, or object-oriented.

Today we learn the benefits of learning to first program using objects, OOP classes. It is fairly notable that programming will be harder in the beginning but will progressively become easier as you learn more and adapt to your coding. On the other hand, you can very well choose to learn coding line by line, bit by bit. This approach is relatively easier to begin with, but programming will eventually become more challenging as you move on to objects and so forth. So, in reality, it's really up to you and how much ability you possess within your learning curve. If you feel as if you are a bright learner and enjoy your work becoming increasingly more difficult as opposed to studying hard, then learn to code the easiest way first. Meanwhile if you enjoy the benefits of an easier-flowing work environment after long nights of hard studying then by all means learn OOP classes first and foremost. By the way if I could go back in time I would cry a bit more and get my mom to pay for the guitar lessons...

Split Paths Video Transcript

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