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Publish Settings

In our next lesson, we will explore our publish setting options. There are 3 tabs on the Publish Settings panel: Formats, Flash and HTML. Click "Formats" for file types to output by publishing. You'll be amazed to see the options, here! In the video, you'll learn about 'relative paths' which make it easy to share files.

Click "Flash" for the properties of the flash player running: (version of Flash player 10 is the latest.) Changing which Flash player is used can force a change in the version of ActionScript used, as you will see. 'Swf settings' by default have 'compress hidden layers,' 'include hidden layers' and 'include xmp metadata' checked . Feel free to play around, but ensure these settings are set as default.

Overall, these "Publish" settings lets you create specifications for different players such as Flash Light or Iphone (if you're running Cs5.)

One final note: if you're looking for a 'class' definition - there is a special way to do it from the Publish settings. Dig in and learn how!

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