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Do we have some good news for you(tube). Every other week on Tuesday we are planing to release a new youtube video to the world until we add all of The course "Starting Point" - an 83 minute journey into the world of coding. Our Free 'The Favorites' category captures an idea and a product we think is worth buying to make you more productive with some insider tips from Ben Fhala.

The "Starting Point" is our First Beginner Courses that focuses on the foundations of working with any programing language. This first course is about getting you comfortable in your new environment. By the end of this course you will know all you need to know about 'file types in flash', where to find things in your editor, figure out how to configure the layout of the application to make you feel comfy, figure out how to publish applications, get a basic overview of object oriented programing, and learn about how our system works and how to read and use our source files.

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Join our YouTube Channel Free updates when free videos are released
Join our YouTube Channel Free updates when free videos are released
A sample Exam screen testing Basic ActionScript 3.0 Skills

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Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to do a 5-15 minute exam and find out if you should watch a 90 minute course? Well we got that and its totally free to all members. Instead of searching...clicking... finding things that you know or things that don't match your current level... getting confused on the web? why not focus your energy on one thing- learning, and let us(everythingFLA) focus on finding your next challenge.

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Join our YouTube Channel Free updates when free videos are released