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Javascript for beginners

In this JavaScript tutorial we will condense everything we learnt so far into a project. We will be building a canvas animation that flickers colors on the screen changing the colors 20 times a second followed by our capability to control when the animation starts or stops by turning our canvas into a toggle button.


A basic html background will help you a lot in this title. We are assuming you know basic HTML and that you have a light background in programing. Although we go over every single key element in code in this title we are running through them. If you have no background at all this title might be a bit harder and if so I recommend you check out our Developer basics Title ( a long detailed step by step guide to the basics of development).

Where should I start?

JavaScript 101:

If you are totally new to development I strongly encourage you to check out our titles of the Developer basics. If you are not new but kind of new and want to jump right into JavaScript your first stop would be our first title JavaScript for beginners.

In our earlier titles we covered many topics ranging from learning about the basics of the script tag where we learn where we would position our JavaScript code. All the way through to topics such as OOP and DOM, What are variables?, Strings, Creating JavaScript comments, Numbers and Booleans variables.

By the end of the JavaScript 101 title you will know where to code, what variables are and the basic development environment of JavaScript.

JavaScript Functions and Objects:

In our second title in this release we take it up a level by learning how objects and functions work. Not only will we learn how they work but we will learn how to create and work with them as well.

At this stage we we assuming you have a basic understanding of how to write code, create variables and interact with html. We delve deeper into how objects and functions work. after this title you will understand this topic. You will be able to draw via code, interact with elements in the html page and much more.

Objects and Arrays in Javascript

We reache another huge leap in our learning in this chapter we will cover all the core foundations needed to understand the differences between complex and primitive data types in JavaScript.

We reach another huge leap in our learning in this chapter as we cover all the core foundations needed to understand the differences between complex and primitive data types in JavaScript. In this title we will continue and explore the functionalities of objects we will create properties, methods, discover what scope is and really understand the basics of objects. Once we complete our learning of our first Complex data type the object (contrary to the primitive variable types such as numbers and booleans) we will jump right into learning a new complex data type. We will discover what an array is and how to work with it. Its known by many names arrays such as an Indexed Array while the Object is kwon as an associative Array. We will understand the relationship between the two object types.

By the end of this title you will understand when you should work with objects and when with arrays. You will know how to read and how to write them in JavaScript.

Conditions and Loops in JavaScript

We reach another critical building block in any programing language. Working with conditionals and loops are one of the most important core skills every developer needs to master to really build interactive and impressive work. In this chapter we will cover all the core foundations needed to understand conditionals and there implementation in if,switch and for loops.

Conditionals are so critical that without them it would be really impossible to create anything that involves logic. You can imagine a conditional(such as an if statement) as a fork in the road the more forks in the road the more choices and alternative interactions you can create.

Loops are not mandatory even if critical. You can build really amazing tools without loops the only problem is that it would take you a lot longer. Loops are one of the most amazing shortcuts in code that enable you to take advantage of non linear actions this is exactly where you will sharpen your skills as an architect of code more then any where else. The smarter your strategy with loops will be the faster and more things your code will be able to do. In this part we will learn the basics of what loops are and how to work with them.

Last JavaScript for beginners Title

Yes you are in it. In this next last hour we will really take everything we learnt and put it into action by building a really cool interactive example using canvas and most of the other skills we developed in the last 4 hours of our JavaScript for beginners Titles.

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