JavaScript 101

42:57 JS HTML5

JavaScript doesn't need to be hard! Until now you scanned the web to find tutorials or a fast script that did something close to what you wanted. Being a task-oriented soul, you started to develop a hatred for the language mainly because you just didn't get it. It seemed hard as you just took a deep dive into it and hoped for the best. You're creative, right? You probably think you'll never be a great developer as you don't use that particular space in your head: you think visually. Stop that negative thinking! Most of the web resources have one goal: to sell you something or to show off. It's really hard to find a fully detailed and planned explanation of the things you really need to know (mainly because it's not profitable and it's easy to jump around when there are hot trends.) That just isn't us because we have a sharp focus on education: that's how we make our income and we do it out of love to make technical things easier for everyone. This title goes a bit faster then some of our others, so if you're really new to programming, don't forget to check out "developer basics" titles in our catalog..

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  1. Intro (03:59)
  2. The Script Tag (04:26)
  3. OOP and DOM (02:45)
  4. What are Variables? (01:37)
  5. Strings (10:39)
  6. Creating Javascript Comments (00:52)
  7. Numbers (09:29)
  8. Boolean (09:10)

In this course we are going to go through the basics of JavaScript; please note that we will not cover the basics of coding in general. During this course if you feel it necessary to refresh your basic coding knowledge, we recommend you try our Developer Basics section: it was tailor-made for coders who want to strengthen their basic programming skills.

This is a crash course in JavaScript; we will quickly learn the basics and how to use them with HTML to achieve unbelievable results. (If you're not up on HTML5 yet, you might consider taking our HTML5 101 course.)

We will start by introducing you to JavaScript, how our browsers are designed to decrypt this language and perform actions based on the users' demands. We will discuss the minimum requirements for taking this course: the knowledge needed before starting to learn JavaScript. We will also provide you with the project file we are using in the videos so you can easily follow the tutorials.

As we progress through the course and watch the videos (specifically made with students in mind,) the videos will show you early on precisely where to write your JavaScript code in the HTML file. Throughout the course, we'll provide hints and pointers on how to improve your coding skills and practices by showing you all the different methods and techniques. (Some of these tips will blow away even experienced JavaScript programmers!)

Important topics we will cover

One of the essential topics in our course will be the usage of OOP and DOM; we'll learn how important it is to use OOP in programming. We'll also learn about the DOM (Data Object Model): the interface through which JavaScript interacts with the HTML components. This will be discussed, but not in depth since this is JavaScript101: we just want you to be familiar with these terms. Of course we cannot stress enough that if at any point you feel you're over your head regarding programing basics, you can always leap onto the Developer Basics Section and revisit basic topics. That section contains 12 hours of videos specially made to help you strengthen your programming foundations.

This course will not only teach you JavaScript but will also help you gain programming discipline. You will learn how to correctly and efficiently work with variables, how to name them and why we name them a certain way. We will discover primitive data types, used to handle data in JavaScript because you will be manipulating a lot of data. We will show you how JavaScript welcomes data manipulation and offers a variety of functions to help achieve that execution.

The videos will teach you how to deal with Strings, Numbersand Booleans, the three king data types of any language used to store and manipulate data. JavaScript offers numerous functions which can be applied on data to make your programming more efficient (and easy!) and help you achieve whatever result you wish.

We will learn in detail how to define and assign strings to variables; how to concatenate (join) two or more strings and how to pass strings to functions.

One of the basic topics in this course will be the Comments, which might seem to be a minor point. You're right, it is -- but its importance is gigantic. You'll be taught how to comment your JavaScript code and learn how proper comments can make your code more readable for you and other coders. It is this discipline that separates a good coder from a bad one. It's our mission and goal to teach you the best coding techniques, maximize your learning, and have a lot of fun in the process!

Math is everywhere and also plays an important part in JavaScript. You'll discover that even though JavaScript has only one numeric variable type, it easily permits you to store different types of data. JavaScript also provides an array of functions to help you convert, parse and do much more with numbers; we'll learn all this in detail.

We'll learn about the Booleans value, one of the most basic data types and the easiest to use to make decisions in our programming.

The best part is that not only will you learn about the highlighted topics in this course, but during these videos you will also learn about other JavaScript functions. The alert(); function for example is used to display any information, any type of message, to the user.

From time to time you need some input from the user, such as their age. These videos will show you in detail how to use the prompt(); function which is specially designed to get input from the user. You will learn how to store the returned value into variables and manipulate it as needed.

Every now and then you'll allow the user to make decisions such as leaving a page or not. JavaScript has the confirm(); function which does exactly that; it alerts the user to either proceed with a decision or cancel it.

You'll learn how to use this function and its returned value to make important decisions in the code. You'll also see how to use these functions with variables instead of user input, so you can test them yourself.

Who is this course for?

This is going to be a crash course of basics, which is why it%u2019s called JavaScript101. If you want to start learning JavaScript or to strengthen your basics, this is the course for you. Now let%u2019s move to the first video and have some fun by starting that learning process!

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