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New: ScreenFlow 5 Reviewed

I'm being paid a commission for reviewing this tool , per FCC guidelines. Technically not paid per say but getting a free copy of the tool and if you click on my affiliate links I get a kick back. But as you probably know I only review tools I like and use. There some things I really love about this tool and some things I don't read through to find out what.

If you know anything about me you know I spend most of my day Recording videos for our school 02GEEK. Over the last three years I developed over 110 courses and a large portion of them we're created with ScreenFlow.

I started using ScreenFlow in version 3. as a Mac user, there aren't a lot of options. I tried them all. The biggest problem I face when recording is computer crashes as many times I record for over an hour. That never happened to me with the ScreenFlow but did with comparable competition.

I've been working with screen flow five for the last three weeks as I've been creating my biggest Master course ever in animation. I got to say I really like the updates, cool new transitions and the stability with the new version of Mac. It's not a major update but more a stability update to match the latest OS in a handful of new features:

  • Recording monitor
  • Ability to add markers while recording
  • Rolling edits
  • Import SRT files
  • Native support for MPEG Transport Stream/AVCHD file format
  • Customized recording frame rate
  • Telestream Media Framework (TMF) for enhanced playback and performance

I personally really like this tool and give it a thumbs up.

Achilles Hill of the software

File size. The real only negative that I see and the software is its file size demands. Clearly raw files take large hard drive Space and as such more capabilities that enable us to minify the files would be incredibly helpful. One of the biggest issues of software is that there is no way to record only part of the screen nor is there a way to crop (true crop - aka get rid of content) to a video in its dimensions or its length. I think in version five that should of have been incorporated.

With that said, an important addition to the tool that enables us to change the recording frame rate helps reduce the file size. I do hope that file size will become priority in future updates instead of expanding features.

Telestream ScreenFlow is an all in one tool to capture your mac screen, mic and video to create a professional level screen casting. We really love it at 02geek and use this tool to create many of our training content. We work closely with software companies and have staff on board to keep the best available deals around on the banner above.You will always find the best ScreenFlow discount or ScreenFlow coupon code on this page. For other products you can check our list of reviewed products. We only share tools we like and use.


So your friend's niece is calling from across town and wanting to know how to add a layer in Photoshop. Or a friend is frantically calling to find out how to add a hyper link to text in a Word document. All of us have been in that situation at one time or another, right? And how frustrating it is to explain each step carefully over the phone, where you know that if you could only record your screen you can let your friend watch and review in there own time. Wouldn't that save you a lot of time?

Well, Telestream's ScreenFlow 4 fills that gap beautifully for mac users. For those of you who are hearing about it for the first time, its a fantastic screen capture software and does a lot more than your standard [Shift][PrtSc] or [control] +[4]. We know you will love them and what's better then a ScreenFlow coupon code to push you over the bridge(virtual one).

You can capture the entire monitor in a video stream including computer sounds, microphone, video and more. For example, if you want to show how to open the Control Panel, the software will capture the screen in video form and the user will be able to see the mouse going to the Start button on the Taskbar and then moving over the Control Panel in the Start Menu. As you speak in the mic, ScreenFlow will capture the audio in real time. You can also use your camera to capture your video and embed it in a corner of the screen - so that the audience can see who is doing the talking.

The price of this tool is really amazing its really a steal so its amazing that they are offering through us an extra ScreenFlow discount code to lower your price even more.

Make Tutorials Faster

Making tutorials becomes a very simple task. In addition, you can load external video files which means you can integrate into your presentation video,sound and other elements. We at 02geek use it as our main video editing tool(even though its not designed for it -that's where we do our cuts) . There are many outputs and formats possible. It is YouTube and HD friendly.

Increase Productivity

High quality tutorials and help guides are a very powerful and important format to keep your clients happy. Its much easier to create a video presentation and it is easily integrated into social media such as YouTube channel. ScreenFlow lets you cut the production time through seamless integration of external and internal media giving you the quality that impresses your audience and will boost their confidence in your product.

Adding Value to Trainers and Educators

The hours you spend building up your class material quickly fades away why not store your wisdom and hard work into a format that will engage and touch others over and over. Quickly create your own ever lasting presentations that you can sell or share with the world(or your students). Win over your students with tutorials that are personalized and quickly edited without the need of using advanced video editing tools.

An Ideal Partner for Businesses

High quality presentations is how you make a sale and impress your customers. For businesses this is a highly affordable tool that can churn out quality demos for all your products. Time is money. You know better than others the importance of visibility and great customer support but with it the importance of scalability. StreamFlow has been one of the most critical tools that without it our site 02geek with over 100 hours of flash and javascript tutorials would just never be possible. When students contact us with a simple task we jump right in turn on StreamFlow and create a custom demo for them. This demo is then reused when future students have the similar questions. The advantage of a tool like this is quick an easy brand exposure as you help others - a win win. For a limited time get an extra discount by using our ScreenFlow coupon code.

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