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Working with Time in AS3 Exam

Working with the Timer, setInterval/clearInterval in flash are a continuation course based on the last course in the Indispensable AS3 group of titles. In the last session we started working on setting up a Timer. In this course we will complete the task and add a few new concepts in the process. We will start by creating a timeout using the setInterval and clearInterval these methods have been around forever and are actually the way working with time is done in JavaScript till this day so its a very important way of working with time that we should understand. You might be thinking so why learn so many ways to work with time the older way(setInterval) has many risks associated with it as all responsibilities are in your hands while working with the Timer class adobe added some extra securities to help avoid something that is called "memory leaks". We finish off with integrating some basic work with dispatching events, text fields and formatting text. Our end result will be a functioning timeout.
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