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There has never been a better time to learn flash.

Start learning flash now and become a great developer

Our core agenda

We think development books and training sources tend to assume to much out of new to development people and as such make it much harder then it should be join in learn flash and become a developer. on the other end we feel that as a developer it is extremely hard to expand your skills as most tasks of expanding are or to big or to small and as such become a challenge. Myself as developer found myself struggling with these type of issues when i first started learning flash and now when I master the development art i find it hard to expand my skills in an enjoyable way so why not share this and break the learning i made throughout the years and that's what made me build this site its greater then just a site about a wrapped hot topic its a site about your future (at least that is our goal) its a site we hope you will use originally to become a developer and then to keep up and upgrade your skills by challenging you always with new flash learning that will help you expand your skills.

It takes years to become a really great developer but with the right direction and the right amount of support you can cut the time if takes to become a developer in a dramatic amount of time. one of the biggest issues all developers reach is when they encounter something that is more advanced then they should learn and they force a way through that usually create a very big problem it can create a fear of the topic one that is so great that could take many years before that fear will unwind. Our goal is to break this down by creating very simple titles and slowly progress and get harder you as the user can then take exams, get homework and even send your source files to our team to review and give you tips on how you can improve your work. One our of a new york tech director usually costs over $200 so even if you ask for help once a month you are getting a lot more then you could of ever get if you just got a book or where not one of our members.

We care about people or we wouldn't be here

I'm not teaching for the big money... if you asked any teacher usually they would tell you i love my job but i wish i made more of an income. its true with teaching development as well while as a developer or a technology directory I made more money in one year then i thought i would make in a life time but at some point i realized that i don't want that i want to have real impact on the people around me. I truly want to help others and if i could figure out a way to create a steady and good income without charging for my content I would so until that day comes we are offering our memberships at very affordable prices. if at any stage you need help or can't afford our memberships first try and contact me as until today i never rejected a person that couldn't afford learning - and I'm not planing on starting to do that so if you need help please contact me tell me your story and we can work something out together

What is your marketing stratagy?

ok lets get it out there so you know I'm what you would call a smart guy that manage to get by with issues with spelling I would go into a sob story about it but for that i got people that tend to try and fix it but its hard to keep up as i create so much new content each week. But then again you are not hear to learn spelling so lucky for me there is still a usage of me teaching you an art that toke me years to master and with my background (check my linkedin to learn more about my history) I can't wait to get to teaching you as well. About the marketing part i just can't control that I'm bad at it and i don't have the budgets or time to figure it out and to be honest i don't want to over market thing is just want my site to extend who i am and hopefully it will be attractive enough to engage you as well but if you have a great idea please let me know I'm learning from you as much as you are learning from me all the time

The big question is are you going to go for a company just because they have a bigger ad campaign and more money to spend on sales(p.s our average spend on advertising to date is $0 a month as of Jan 2012) or would you go for a company that takes its income and invests it right back into its content creation. Its to easy some times as a consumer to search for the thing that is the most flashy(no pun intended) instead of asking the right questions what type of training will be the best to help you grow and become a crafted developer. Our school only focus is trying to find new ways to break new users into the art of development learn flash from the pros an start learning flash now. We have a money back guaranty program so if by any chance you have a regret you can always contact us and at the same not if you have financial difficulties please feel free to contact us as we are always happy to figure out a solution.

We feel like that over time creating a product that creates great learning flash exprience will overshadow great campaigns. We would love to spend money on growing our marketing share but feel like the best usage of our funds are by adding development hours and content to our site.

Why learn flash? Isn't flash Dead?

Let's get real here. It definitely looks dead in the public view and the powers at Adobe aren't really focused on building up the Flash brand. i could only assume its because its not "sexy" any more when you compare it to HTML5. Only problem with HTML5 is that its extremely hard to build a real solid understanding as there are many features missing for a developer such as hints and errors that help you while you are learning to become a developer. Now after saying flash is dead lets see why its not really dead the Adobians are focusing a lot of energy and money into making and strengthening flash(AKA AIR) as the mobile developer language, gaming solution and 3d engine of the future of the web. So although we probably are not going to create video players and banners in flash in the future we are going to use it for more advanced features (the ones that usually cost more to the client to build -- wink wink...).

Now you might be thinking... "Hey there guy behinds this text that i don't know his name why would i learn flash if i can learn html5 and be cool.. i want to be cool..."... mmm... very good point... i want to be cool as well... so how do we solve this problem of wanting to be cool but still learning that things that will make us better... so my best solution to that is our extra classes that focus on html5 and javascript to show you how similar the languages are and in many ways everything you learn in these titles could then be ported over in to html5/Javascript and we will show you how in our 02Hero titles.

We are more then a flash school

Our school is a developer hub or better yet a hub to creating developers. Our training is expanding into new topics every week and every day such as our newest titles on HTML5 and XML and more are to follow. We have our ears on the industry and as such as are changing and shifting with it. Flash is a great language and we still love it but we realize that to grow and expand and be the best tool for our members we must provide more and as such we are working hard on providing more for our users from mobile development to HTML5 development.

New to Flash development starting point:

get started with our grand breaking titles that changed the way people learn flash. instead of being ignored as a new developer(what most other titles do) this title takes you step by step into the most critical building blocks you as a developer will need for the rest of your life. just check it out and join our developer basics 11 hour training.

Our first titles are focused at the getting start with development developers. here is a break down of these titles(for our advanced titles please visit our full catalog

the following list of titles is not the most up for a full list please visit our catalog

  • Developer Basics
  • Starting Point
  • Coding Basics 1
  • Coding Basics 2
  • Smooth Operator
  • Conditionals 1 - 'if'
  • Conditionals 2: 'switch'
  • Functions
  • Objects
  • Arrays
  • Loops The Final Fortier - Part 1
  • Loops The Final Fortier - Part 2
  • learn flash , mobile and other titles, for an updated list - please visit our catalog

    Why shouldn't I use your competitors?

    I'm not into bashing other sites as some of them are really great so let me focus on the value of our site. We are a small startup and our goal is to be a small startup. We don't have really any plans to take over the world or we would use marketing buzz and build a site that is best for all and gives little to all. instead our focus is razor sharp...(ouch that hurts) and detailed we really want our students to become masters in this trade and to do that we need to really teach and not focus on buzz so that's our agenda. Our teachers(aka mainly me ) is always available and always happy to talk to any student that wants or needs help, i actually really enjoy it as i love getting feedback and knowing that my work is need and used. although we have 1000's of students and 100's join every month i always have time for students as between us just about 1 out of every 500 would actually every email me so why not you be one of them as well and gain even more out of your training.

    Ohhhh right i was going to talk about competitors a bit. most other sites will focus there attention at products that they can sell as a unit as most people will buy a book,video and never really watch it so the best money makers are titles that can attract users that will actually never complete the titles our mission is not that we give you over an hour of content as we don't want you to pay if you are not planing on being a real student we thrive out of helping our students grow and we want student that pick to join us and be part of our small start up to really enjoy and be part of it. every single student that interacts with our team has made an impact on our site from new training to changes in interfaces we love hearing from our students.

    Ready to try out our and learn flash with us?

    You have two paths one that will help us grow and help pay our bills while the other is join us via facebook and learn flash free videos and get email updates weekly with what we have new to offer for our free members. we love all of our members and are grateful for our paying learning flash members as without them we couldn't support this undertaking. We have a 100% money back guaranty so if you are not happy with the training you can contact us for a refund we are confident in our content so we don't need to hide it.