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From Tracking & Engaging to Profits Intro

The whole point of email marketing is to create engaged users so they in return can turn into engaged users that help you build your brand and as such help you make more sales. This title is all about that and more.

This course is invaluable to anyone creating a website to promote their product or business. It's easy to get lost with Email Marketing. Who knows it better then someone that started up a new company (my first company) just 3 years ago. You can bet I made some mistakes even with my background in Advertising and many award winning sites I've created over the years. Only in the last year did i realize how critical email marketing is for online buisness and i've been investing most of my time into making the most and engaging with my users in the best way posible. I've learnt a lot of things over this time (it cost me a lot of money and lossing a lot of students) - i want you to save and learn from my mistakes. This is a must course to anyone that wants to make it big online.

This is part three of our four part email marketing course bundle of the basics of email marketing. In part one we learned how to setup our landing/conversion pages while, in part two we explored how to create engaging campaigns and in this part we focus exclusively on the results by tracking our outcomes so we can learn from it and improve our craft.

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