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AIR for Android(Chris Griffith)

  1. Desktop vs. Mobile (10:51)
  2. Ergonomics (07:02)
  3. AIR (05:06)
  4. AIR Application setup Android and IOS (05:26)
  5. Air Code Samples (07:56)
  6. New Features (08:18)
  7. Hitting walls aka limitations (01:14)
  8. Publishing iOS/andriod (05:43)
  9. Best practices (03:34)


Adobe Air allows designers and developers by providing a consistent and flexible development environment for the delivery of applications across devices and platforms. It supports Android, Blackberry , tablet OS and iOS mobile operating. Our of the box it comes with support for GeoLocation,Accelerometer, Camera, Multitouch/Gesture support screen orientation, microphone, GPU acceleration, SQLite DB and more... How ever it doesn't support many things such as Native widgets, Access to contacts and has limited SMS support. In this video Chris will walk through the pluses and minuses and walk through the steps needed to start building an Android Application.
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