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The Objective of our course

While many courses echo a lot of fancy words we figured they don't really help anyone so instead our focus is on hands on practice. This course isn't going to be a dry copy paste course but a course that will challenge the way you think and hopefully by the end of it change the way you see and understand the web and search engines. To accomplish that we will start with creating a new project together a site called Learn XML Now. We will understand what the product is, we will come up with the name of the domain and understand why we picked this domain, we will look at setting and configuring our hosting and domain and last but not least see how to upload our new site we got from our designer onto our site using FTP.

That will end our part one but don't worry there is much more to follow as in the steps ahead we will learn the critical HTML tags for SEO, learn of the best tools to work with to monitor and improve your results, improve our copy, layout and configuration of our site, setup and improve our pages to get them up high on search engines, and much more.

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