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Home » Courses » AIR for Android(Chris Griffith) » Desktop vs. Mobile

AIR for Android(Chris Griffith)

  1. Desktop vs. Mobile (10:51)
  2. Ergonomics (07:02)
  3. AIR (05:06)
  4. AIR Application setup Android and IOS (05:26)
  5. Air Code Samples (07:56)
  6. New Features (08:18)
  7. Hitting walls aka limitations (01:14)
  8. Publishing iOS/andriod (05:43)
  9. Best practices (03:34)

Desktop vs. Mobile

Chris runs the SF user group and speaks in many events such as Adobe Max. In this video we get to know chris and his mobile background. topics covered: Designing for Mobile, the big change in the user behavior on mobile devices, the differences between mobile and desktop applications/usage and there implications(gps, batteries , inconsistent networks, processor,input device- fingers vs. mouse orientation and more). How users finger size needs to define the size of hit areas in your applications.
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