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Picking the right Domain name

A domain is so important. Coming up with the right Domain will jump start your site and it's SEO potential for your main keyword. With that even if you already have a domain it's totally ok. Assuming you already know what domain you want to use in this video we will help you configure and set your domain and hosting together. If you haven't got your domain/hosting yet check out GoDaddy.

By connecting our main keyword 'learn xml' we have in a way gave it an extra boost as now this keyword will be part of every single page on every one of our pages. Making it really clear to search engines that this site is all about 'learning xml'. Although we are creating a site that is really just about one thing and that is selling our XML course but in the real world we would probably want to have a brand and in that case we wouldn't try to pick a name that works with our keyword but just a name that fits our overall brand.

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