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The 7 Basic Steps of SEO you want to know.

Search engines think like computers while users think like, well you guessed it, like humans. Although Google and other search engines work really hard on figuring out a way to tap into the human mind they still fall short at the power of how we actually think.

I know many other resources will bloat to you how smart Search engines are but really they are dumb extremely dumb. As the years go by search engines are getting more complex to catch up with all the %u201Cbad apples%u201D that try to promote content that doesn't really make users happy. As search engines bloat so does there capability to really monitor content weakens as they have so many layers of %u201Cprotection%u201D that where added thorough the years to improve the results that users want.

Search engines rely heavily on users and the good news is that you do as well. Instead of having a razor sharp focus on the search engine we can use the insight coming from search engines to understand what users really want. Our course will challenge the way you think about SEO even if you are an SEO expert. If you find the right balance between leveraging search engine wisdom while still staying loyal to your users base you will do wonders online.

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