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Getting started with Away3D 4.0

  1. Intro (02:08)
  2. Alternatives to Away3D (04:37)
  3. Stage3D (05:10)
  4. Setting up Flash Builder (04:17)
  5. Away3D Basics (06:45)
  6. How it works (04:59)
  7. Basic Sample (09:12)
  8. Real World Sample (07:51)


Stage3D is a ligjt weight interface to DirectX or OpenGL 3D render pipeline. Its low level- Adobe intended it for use via high level libraries and is not part of the Display list(behind everything just like StageVideo). Older 3d engines have been working within the flash environment (making a heavier load but making it easier to integrate) while new engines such as Away3D are layered behind making it much more powerful.
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