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Buiding FillIt - The Game Part 2

  1. Next Steps (06:28)
  2. Corners (03:44)
  3. Following Traces (16:44)
  4. Bug Hunting (08:57)
  5. Finding the Direction (04:13)
  6. From Theory to action (13:45)
  7. Time for a Break (01:15)

Following Traces

As we are building real applications here we have issues and errors. no cheat sheat awaits me to make it look like building games is magic work. Time to take advantage of our favorate friend the trace using it we will explore our issues in our game development and sort them out before they come back to bite... By the end of this video we will know how to find out when our application changes from save to unsafe in the exact moment it changes, we will optimize some of our code and follow our traces to validate that we aren't calling functions more times then we need them.
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