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Mobile & haXe in FDT 5

  1. Overview (04:42)
  2. Our first Android App in FDT (04:24)
  3. Debugging with FDT (03:56)
  4. Android APK File (04:48)
  5. Mobile Profile (03:36)
  6. haXe Overview (05:09)
  7. haXe example (03:55)
  8. haXe Complex Sample (05:09)
  9. haXe Externs (04:43)
  10. Questions and Answers (12:34)


Say hello to Alan Klement the Project manager of FDT. In this Overview he will walk through the topics he will cover in his session. This session was recorded as part of the FlashTent event. Among his main topics will be the workflow of FDT(free and max), Working in FDT 5 and Mobile/Air and how to work with haXe. You can download the free version of FDT here.
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