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We're all familiar with the word 'comment.' But when it comes to programming, this word has special meaning and a specific task. When we write code, sometimes we do not want some part of it to be included during compilation. In this scenario, we can skip some part by making those lines as comments using the symbol // at the beginning of a line. However, detailed information regarding this topic is provided in an upcoming video.

Strings and Number

Here we learn the different types of data used in our program. Since data exists in different forms like words and digits, it is classified into different types for easy understanding. This helps the compiler to differentiate the various types of data before compilation. In Flash, mostly we deal with Strings and Numbers. The String data type refers to a set of characters such as "Hello World" (how's that for original?) and Number refers to any digit, for example "1" or "235". When the data is supplied along with their types, the compiler first checks the type of data and performs the action accordingly.

Math Basics

The concept of Math-Basic remains the same even in Flash. However, there is no real need to deal with complicated parts of mathematics here: we just need to perform a few Arithmetic and Logical Operations like Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication etc.


The 'variable' is one of the most useful inclusions in programming. We can easily assign large data to a single variable (say 'str' or 'x'). Now, this variable can replace the data assigned to it throughout the program. Later videos will clearly explain the usage of variables associated with different data types such as String and Number.


It is common for anyone to make an error: the most important thing is to know the process of debugging so the code will be error-free. In upcoming videos, we will discuss different types of errors, why they happen and how they can be fixed.

Finally, we advise everyone to take the exam after completing the course. This will ensure that concepts are clearly understood. If there are any public or personal issues, you are encouraged to approach us through community support. We welcome those who approach us to clear their doubts.

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