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FireBug: Looking into the Source Files

In this ground breaking, award winning SEO course that has been taken by over 10,000 students and has an acceptance rate of over 95%. In it we will walk you through how to think like a search engine while keeping top of mind your users. This course bundle includes 6 modules each targeted in the steps involved in creating and tweaking your web site no users to site that is easily consumed by search engines.

In part one of our SEO for content creators bundle we make the setup for SEO training while part two focuses on the core HTML skills, Part 3 focuses on the tools we are going to use and part 4 focused on the design phase of building web sites that are SEO friendly.

Our next topic is going to be FireBug. Although this tool was designed for developers its incredibly powerful and useful for SEO people as well. Firebug basically enables developers to find bugs on there website but beyond that it is a very powerful tool. In this session we will learn the basics of Firebug and learn how to use it to test and improve our site.

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