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Session 6 Intro

In the next 30 minutes your going to be learning 14 new tags. Before you have a panic atack there actually really easy. We've gone through a few titles that where really hard such as our talk about links and iframes but this one will be a breeze. We do have a few more hard ones left for you in future sessions but in this easy breezy session we will be learning about:

Side notes:

A group of tags that help us visualize side notes such as sub script and sub script, small text and more.

Adding and removing content:

Know how some sites have a line through there content or updates of things that changed. In this sessio we will learn how that is achieved.


There are many times in a web sites life that you would want to quote someone and in this vgroup of tags we will learn the best ways to do just that.

Code examples:

yes there are even html tags for training in this session we will explore all of them.

The tags we will learn in this session are: sub, sup, small, s, del, ins, q, cite, blockquote, code, var, samp, kbd and last but not least the pre tag.

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