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Home » Courses » HTML Training: Designing with Tags » Should you use the B or STRONG Tags
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Should you use the B or STRONG Tags

We learned so far a few new tags at this stage we are ready to start talking about tags that are associated with styling. In this course we are not going to go into CSS but it would be a great things to know to become a great HTML developer. saying that knowing JavaScript and CSS will help elevate your HTML pages.

Getting that out of the way lets talk about bolding. There are two ways to bold content in HTML. One is by using the B tag and the other is by using the Strong tag. In this video we see how we create the B and Strong Tags.

Why are there two ways to do the exact same thing?

After creating them we will talk about there meaning and understand that the B tag is mainly used to mark thing as bold but has no real meaning to search engines and to accessibility users while the strong tag represents the essence of the page - the most important content in it.

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