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Home » Courses » Loops The Final Fortier - Part 1 » What Is A Loop?
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Loops The Final Fortier - Part 1

  1. Overview (03:36)
  2. What Is A Loop? (06:08)
  3. The For Loop Syntax (14:20)
  4. Loop To Repeat An Action (11:54)
  5. Loops To Find Something (09:16)
  6. Deeper Look At The For Syntax (10:38)

What Is A Loop?

A loop is a series of commands that will continue to repeat over and over again until a condition is met. Is that all a loop is good for? Not at all but it is nice not needing to repeat something over and over, loops are a really powerful tool that enables us to cut down our code drastically and if we use it smartly can even improve the readability and overall lightness of our application but alas as every good thing there are many easy ways to fall into using loops for the wrong reasons. Lets start with understanding what loops are and then lets see how we can use them to improve our code.
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