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Converting Video for HTML5 Video Player

Enough of the boring intros and getting started with html5 its time to get our hands real dirty and its actually really fun. in this video we break into the world of html5 video. we start by the formats that are supported in html5 and then move into creating our first html5 video player. We start off with a video that is already formated at h.264 a perfect format for many web needs(and the ideal flash encoded video to date) but yet it doesnt' work on every browsers we explore why and see how we can fix that. we then use the tool mirovideoconverter an opensoruce tool that will make our life easier so we can expore our video to all the formats we need. by the end of this video you will know everything you need to know about how to create a html5 video player with all the posible configurations. how fun is that. but this topic is not over the hype over html5 video wasn't only about the capability to display video but it runs deeper and in the next chapter we will look into the counter part the JavaScript part of controlling the video.
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