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Understanding RGB

From the very early days of the web colors where defined with RGB values - Red, Green, Blue. The mix of these three base colors is what creates the millions of colors available on most modern devices. Each color channel has 255 color value options combined into a total of 16,581,375 color combination possibilities. In this lecture we will meet the common ways to describe color in on digital devices using these color profile options. By the way, You might of heard of 16Bit displays or 32Bit - these differences don't really mean much when it comes to digital colors as most modern interfaces only are capable of showing a variety of 16 million colors - monitors with 4 color profiles instead of 3 create a vastly larger color options - but the web doesn't really support more color profiles currently. In the olden days of the web when monitors where less robust then they are today there was a term called "Web Safe" that was a subset of 255 colors in total. Now days, with most digital display system supporting millions of colors this term is obsolete. By the end of this lecture, you will know how to create color profiles in RGB.


  • Moving form 256 colors to over 16 million of them.
  • the RGB Structure : #RRGGBB
  • Can you step out of the web safe colors?

properties: css3, color, rgb.

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