Website Auditor Discount and Review

Like any good SEO person knows, trying to get your page to rank higher on search engines can be a very tedious task. Most website owners rarely have time to update their site, let alone make sure that it matches Google's ever changing standards. For this reason exactly, Link-Assistant have come up with their Website Auditor tool, which saves us a lot of time here at 02Geek, and we decided to share the fun with this great Website Auditor discount code.

Website auditor is a multi-tool software that really shapes up your on-page optimization efforts from A to Z. Just by crawling your site, or every site you decide to research, this handy piece of software can give you a multitude of information on what's working and what's not. Just by using the auditor, we got one of our pages to rank in the top 3 in only two weeks.

Website Auditor discount code - But what is it?

Whether you're a small business owner with a website, a blogger, or even an SEO professional, Website Auditor is the tool to benefit you. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the art of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to your site by increasing its search engine ranking.

With extremely detailed reports, and powerful comparison tools to help you match your competitors, the dreary task of making your site loved by search engines, and relevant to your visitor has never been easier.

What Does it Do?

Link-Assistant's Website Auditor works on two crucial levels important for your SEO efforts. Firstly, it scans your entire site's structure for any errors, broken links, and even missing titles or description. Secondly, Website Audit compares your site to the top ten websites in the keywords you're gunning for.

With Website auditor you can:

  • Make you site run smooth and easy - Get extensive reports on various aspects of your site's performance: from file size and loading speeds to broken links and errors, you can ensure your users have a quick and error free experience.
  • Get everything in order for being indexed properly - Create, manage and upload your XML Sitemap and robots.txt file easily so that search engines could index your site quickly.
  • Optimize each and every page of your site - Scan your site's pages for missing descriptions, titles and even duplicate content. Website Auditor even helps you optimize each page for a different keyword and helps you optimize your site for specific search engine with unique advice.
  • Be aware of your page's popularity - With advanced tracking tools. Website Auditor can give you detailed reports on which pages on your site gain the most traffic, which are most mentioned in various social media such as StumbleUpon and Delicious.
  • Match up to your competitors - Get detailed and specific comparison data for each of your pages and how they match up to other pages competing for the same keyword: Get an analysis on keyword usage and density, break down your competitor reports based on specific content elements and page data.
  • Easy to use reports with real time data - Get live rankings and scores which improve with every change you make to your site. Easily inform yourself on how your site is doing compared to your competition. Every report you generate is easily customizable so that you will only see the information that is relevant to you.
  • Cross platform and multi-language support - Website Auditor works on every platform, including MacOS and Linux, and will analyze data in many languages.
Website Auditor Discount Code

Why are we offering this?

Since we had our fair share of SEO trouble here at 02Geek, and we found Website Auditor extremely efficient and time saving, we decided to share the news. As part of our philosophy at 02Geek, we are always committed to your success and well-being, and therefore we are offering Website Auditor at an incredible discount to our loyal subscribers.

Because we don't believe in automatic and robotic content, we are committed to provide the best price for every product we offer. With a live team that always check, double checks and then updates our promotions, you are guaranteed to get the best deal from us.

Our mission is to keep you happy and well informed

In case you don't know, here at 02Geek we focus on teaching you the best material without all the fuss and hype. If you want to know how to use Website Auditor quickly and easily (and see us rank in the first page at all of the major top engines within two weeks), you are more than welcome to try our Free SEO course, which will guide you through all the software and techniques, to get you to that coveted top rank.

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