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Originally when we started 02geek we had a very limited budget we needed a great screen capturing software and a great mac video converter. Ben needed a software that would accommodate to his recording needs and found a few great solutions. Originally he worked with iShowU HD an extremely affordable screen capturing software (By the way our discount applies to this software as well) but with some limitation when it comes to professional needs like a large scale school as ours. Later on we had some growing pains and moved to a 64Bit operating system and needed a software that can take advantage of these capabilities and as such we moved most of our video productions to ScreenCast. With that said one tool we kept and never changed as it just is that good and priced in a really affordable rate is Stomp the mac video converter.

Stomp Video Converter Mac

Stomp can compress any existing QuickTime based video with the click of a button. Includes Core Image filters and easy to use cropping and scaling features. The quality of the compression is really impressive and the file sizes we save are just as impressive. This tool is almost always open on our devices as we compress our videos to the various formats and qualities we need. Our main use of this tool is to format our videos to be H264. We noticed even videos we create using other applications that are formatted to H264 if we pass them one more time using Stomp we tend to save 10-40% more space then other free options out there. Priced under $30 plus our exclusive shinywhitebox coupon makes this a really great deal.

Mov to h264

Stomp takes in big videos and spits out small ones all it takes from you is to drop the video into the que and pick an output and stomp will take care of the rest. Included are presets for popular devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Video, Apple TV, H264 and YouTube) make converting videos a snap.

Other Features:

Leverage the impressive Core Image effects built into OSX for your videos. Want to add a blur? Correct colors? Change a bit of gamma? Stomp makes it easy with simple to use effect GUIs - you can even stack multiple effects at once. With that said key here is experimenting we discovered after some tinkering how to improve the richness and readability of our screencast text and that came in very handy many times when our recording quality wasn't up to par.

Batch Processing is easy as well and something we often do. Drop many videos set there output and walk away to find it all completed on stomps end. Stomps intelligent batch processor makes quickwork of even the longest conversions, all without any user intervention.

Simple and easy cropping. Got to change the ratio of your video was never easier with this capability as visually you can manually move around the crop box.

This elegant solution makes it easy for us to 10's of HD videos in and find in the morning consistently high quality output.


So far we've been using this tool for over 2 years and we are still getting consistent updates. The pricing is fair and updates are very reasonable. In these 2 years i've never had a major issue with the software and can give it without any issue two thumbs up.

Features I would love to see in the future?

  • I would love to have in the tool a few rendering options that are optimized for text based output - probably something to specific for our needs but that would be a fantastic addition.
  • It would be amazing if there was basic sound editing capabilities included in beyond encoding such as noise reduction for screencasts included in the formatting as an optional parameter.
  • More flexibility with file names. It would be great if we could output our videos with the exact same name only in a sub folder. Currently it will output the files with an extra name to indicate there change (something that forces us to then run another app that would cycle through the files and rename them again).

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