Adobe Photoshop Elements 10

Elements 10 has two distinct sub-programs. One is the Organizer and the other is the Editor.

The Organizer lets you organize your photos. It is more than a simple file browser. It has a neat feature that lets you search images based on a specific object of a photo. This definitely beats you doing the tagging. Why not let the software do the talking! That does not mean you cant tag photos with keywords. Of course you can.

The Editor is where all the voodoo is done on the photos. The Editor has all the features for photo transformations. In this part users will find the Quick & Guided Edit modes and the presets and other features. In the Full Edit Mode, Elements lets you do exactly what an expert user would do in Photoshop. So its not like Elements locks you out of Photoshop features.

The core idea behind Photoshop elements is to the Adobe experience with high end photo editing that the pros use and simplify the navigation and the usage to make it accessible to the regular user. This isn't an experimental tool but a tool that has been crafted and improved now for more then 10 versions.

There is no doubt that the Pro version of Photoshop has become a complex software. For the rest of us there is Elements. By using Elements, the new user or home user can now use advanced features in a easy non technical way. If you are an aspiring artist or just enjoy improving the quality of your photos there is no better tool around. The learning curve is so small that I don't think we can even call it a curve. These presets are a collection of various steps that are automatically done and saves the user precious time. Instead of learning how to perform each step, Elements does them for you, so you can concentrate on creating masterpieces rather than first learning the tools. One can see why Adobe confidently writes "turn everyday memories into sensational photos you'll cherish forever with Adobe Photoshop Elements 10".

Should you go pro?

Adobe has taken the best from its legendary Photoshop software and and put it in Elements. A novice user can now do amazing things with his/her collection of photos and turn them into works of art without having to take classes on Photoshop.

Who said that you got to be a pro image editor to create really amazing things. Well adobe doesn't think that. There vision is simple they want everyone to enjoy what select people in the past could. Just as much as its great to listen to an album by a legendary rock band. Wouldn't it be great if you could from home become that rock band. Adobe noticed that the more complex its tools became the less the regular people could actually just pick up there "guitar" and start playing. For the pro industry there is a need for all these levels of complexity but for an aspiring artist or a photographer that has a defined list of things they need to do within there image the learning curve of the pro version made it very hard to use for non Photoshop geeks. Here came the birth of Elements series of releases.

Whoever came up with this idea in Adobe deserves a medal. And I am sure Adobe must have given the person/team more than just medals. Why? Because Elements is a phenomenal success which is evident from the fact that this is the 10th release. Elements 10 is that "best of the best" making the home user capable of creating amazing things with a really easy interface.

So lets answer the question. Should you go pro? That really depend on if you want to spend hours on tinkering in photoshop or you prefer clicking on a button and getting very similar results. But being more specific if you are in an industry and its not a hobby then you probably will end up using the full version of Photoshop if your goals are more modest then Photoshop elements will have everything and more then you need.

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The Organizer and the Editor combined together form Elements 10 to provide excellent opportunities to create picture books, personalized greeting card, story lines or just a collage of random memories.

The Organizer is actually a separate software. It integrates not only with Elements for all cataloging the photos, but it is also integrated with Premier Elements where it catalogs videos.

The Organizer

This feature becomes extremely important as HD and high pixel cameras grow popular and coupled with a decrease in storage costs. This combination is driving the number of videos and photos to heights that is certain to grow in future as well. The shear number of multimedia files stored makes it worth investing in a smart algorithms for searches. Adobe has done just that for Organizer and we can sure that Adobe will continue to improve on it.

For Elements 10, they have introduced a search by object within a photo. That means you can identify a scene and use it to search photos with similar scenes. You can also use text and visual tags on photos & videos and use the tags to upload to Facebook.

The Organizer also detects duplicate or near-duplicate photos so you can quickly group them together or delete ones that you don't need.

The Editor

The Editor of Elements is where all the action happens. And it certainly does not lag behind the Organizer in new features - in fact it has many new features making Elements 10 a sort of a milestone.

Guided Edits is new feature that provides step-wise guides to give your photos with many different effects. There is a large number of effects provided, an example being breaking up of a picture into collages.

To build a better composition, users are can use Rule of Thirds or Golden Ratio option to help create the best composition for a photo.

A new curved flowing text tool has been added. This allows us to align text along any given shape or object or a path. This tool is great for creating greeting cards. New templates for creating online albums have also been added.

With customized pan and zoom motions, the photos are turned into a moving object which gives the static photo a video-like life.

Fixing Flaws for photos is made easy through the use of one-step shortcuts to whiten teeth, make skies bluer and fix color or contrast or lighting. Various results are shown from which the user can pick the best. While working on the photos, how-to tips come and pop up suggesting to you many possibilities about what you are trying to do. This intuitive feature is definitely like having a an artist by your side to guide you in person. These how-to tips make your creative juices flow by following them.

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