Olark discount: Help & sales Chat

What is Olark?

Olark is a live sales chat tool enabling sites to integrate a chat throughout their site or directly on sales pages. There are many solutions out there, but Olark leads the way with its capabilities and options along with integration that literally takes less then 5 minutes. Their prices are incredibly fair and, if you don't mind a link back to their site, they give you up to 20 free chats a month. When you need more then that, it's time to upgrade anyway! A really fair offer: you help them grow by sharing who made the chat tool and once you are big enough. you join and pay them their fees.

Olark discount: free chats

Ready to try them out with free 20 chats a month? Prefer getting a really great discount on the tool? Just click on our banner and we'll direct you to the best price anywhere on the web for this tool.

Here are the steps to get the free 20 chats a month:

  1. Click on our banner - a new site will open up.
  2. Click on the main button "Get Started"
  3. Fill out your information and get 20 free chats a month!

If its important to you to hide that you're working with a 3rd party, no worries: just pay for the chat and get a really superb experience with a lot more features.

From our experience here at 02geek we noticed that good support always translates into better students; the sooner we interact with them the sooner they become more loyal over the long run. It's logical. You want people to feel comfortable, realize your value and know you personally care about their goals. What better way for new potential clients to really get what you're about than to grab you for a quick chat?

In our research we found that live interaction with potential students raises our overall sales by over 200%. Crazy numbers, but true. You can't force an interaction: people don't like that, but they do love knowing they can talk to you whenever they want.

We are mainly using the tool now for our Google AdSense marketing: historically we spent about $120 for each conversion. Not easy to say goodbye to so much money! Low and behold, as soon as we added the chat our costs dropped to right around $57 per conversion -- major numbers! I admit that I don't spend most of my time on the chat. I'm on it only a few hours a day, as I have others things that require my time. Still, users feel more comfortable knowing that there is this level of support. When I'm not online, the chat turns into a live email on any page of the site I want - you can see what we did on our Flash Training Landing page.

Don't forget to grab your olark discount by clicking on our banner. or continue reading about Olark discount review in our Blog.

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