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Flip4Mac makes Windows Media Player work quickly and easily on your computer. The Flip4Mac plugin takes the already present QuickTime player and enables it open up Windows Media files. There's little involved: installation is easy, and it starts working right away. It's safe to use, since it has the official backing of Microsoft, as well as the reliable programming of Telestream(the creators of ScreenFlow and other products). Flip4Mac is compatible with every Mac operating system-up to and including Mountain Lion. And should one want the professional touch of the many bonus features available, it's just a simple, voluntary upgrade.

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Flip4Mac Lets You Watch Windows Media On Your Mac

From time to time, certain videos just won't play on a Mac and that can get frustrating.You're far from the only Mac user who's encountered video related issues . In the outset the issue is that Apple doesn't support many video formats that are poular among the PC users such as AVI and WMV formats. There's no need to go out and buy another computer or check the video from other soruces. All you need to fix this issue is to have the Flip4Mac installed on your Mac. Once you have Flip4Mac, you can open Windows Media files directly through your normal built in video player on Mac. Flip4Mac is a complete Windows Media-QuickTime integration solution that works both on the web and directly in Quick Time.

Solving Windows media issues leads you to a whole new world of benefits. For instance, you get Flip Player, which is an exclusive video player that has some really great features that are not available on the regular QuickTime player. Some of these features include:playing many more video formats,Keynote and/or PowerPoint integration, and integrated Microsoft videos in presentations.

Spoil Yourself With Flip4Mac Pro

Get more out of Flip4Mac pro. Starting with getting rid of the watermark that appear in the basic application. In addition to the Windows-Mac integration you get, the next best goody is the ability to import WMV and WMA files. This comes in very handy when you want to edit or convert WMV files to QuickTime. Conversions can also be done for Windows Media files with the help of Compressor. Pro also lets you make use of even more features in the Flip Player. And if you ever tried, and failed, to place Windows Media files into iMovie you now have the ability to do so with this upgrade.

Contrary to the Basic version Flip4Mac comes in two flavors Version 2 and Version 3. The latter works with OS X 10.7, and 10.8, known as Lion and Mountain Lion, respectively. And if you have earlier operating systems, like Leopard or Snow Leopard, you won't be left in the dust. You can download version 2. Both versions, by the way, allow Windows Media to cooperate with iPads and iPods.

In summery What you get out of Pro:

  • No water mark
  • Converting Windows media files to QuickTime files.
  • Converting QuickTime Files to Windows media files.
  • iPad and iPod compatibility features.
  • More...

Studio version gives you even more:

Create your original Windows media videos directly on your mac and. The videos appear in standard definition and not HD(to get HD you need the highest package). For the pros among us this enables you to export Windows media files directly through Final Cut Pro X.

Flip4Mac Studio Pro HD

Last but not least is the Studio Pro HD packed with all the features listed above in addition to more advanced configurations enabling the pro video editor to take video composition to the max. This version includes full HD video rendering. 2-Pass encoding and extra compatibility with Compressor and Final Cut Pro.

For the Mac user who's also an ace with videos, and won't settle for any less, Studio Pro HD is a must.

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Not only does Flip4Mac provide you with the kind of Windows access you desire, but the basic version is offered at no cost at all. However, for the benefits that can become necessary, and that are offered with the higher versions of the program, there is a slight, but affordable price involved. If you want to gain all that Flip4Mac has to offer, we thought it would be only fair that we should make the application all the more easy to gain. That's why we have a deep and exclusive free Flip4Mac coupon to make your choices easier.

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