Adobe Flash CS6

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What is Adobe Flash CS6

Adobe Flash is a software used to create content such as games , movies and web applications for various devices. You can add interactivity , video and animation to content to make your content more rich and adobe flash in a discount now

More recently Adobe Flash is used for creation of Rich Internet Applications (RIA). RIA are web applications which are delivered on a web browser to increase user experiences and satisfaction in addition to increasing productivity.

Flash content can be displayed using the free Adobe Flash Player on various devices and mobile phones. Flash content is in SWF (ShockWave Flash) format with .swf file extension.

Adobe flash can be used in many desktop operating systems and mobile operating systems. For example for desktop OS , it runs on Windows , Mac OSX ,Linux Solaris etc and Android , PocketPc, Symbian etc.

ActionScript 3.0 can be used to write programs in Adobe Flash. Our site provides extensive training with over 100 hours of training and growing to check out our title for newbies check out the Developer Basics . Our teaching is delivered through many hours of video broken down into manageable classes and exams. In addition we have workshops, live events and message boards where students can work with each other try us out we are really cool.

What's new in Adobe Flash CS6

Released This year(2012) , Adobe Flash CS6 has certain new features such as

  • One of my favorite new features in Adobe Flash CS6 is the new external tool that enables developers and designers to extract there Flash projects into pure HTML5 using a new extension called CreateJS. - This is going to be a free update as this tool is evolving and continuing to grow all you need is CS6 and future updates will be included in this project.
  • Sprite Sheet generations and export feature to any other framework
  • Prepackaged adobe AIR application creation - making the creation of Air applications much easier and smoother.
  • Built in functions for for iOS and android devices - again making it fast and easier to develop for mobile applications.

Why is Adobe making updates to Flash CS6 if the general feel in the industry is that flash is dead?

Although Adobe have been really bad with there marketing of flash flash is live and kicking and maybe even more so then ever before. Did you know that most of the most popular games on iOS are developed in flash! yes its true for example angry birds is developed in flash. Although no one can hide away from the fact that no one knows the future of flash when it comes to the flash player i think we can be confidante that Adobe evolved its application and turned it into a really great development tool to develop Mobile , desktop and other applications. According to news releases of Adobe: Flash CS6 and future flash versions will be focused on improving 3D, video, gaming and Mobile development. That sounds to me like the future so lets jump in. By the way our school has over 010 hours of training in flash so if you are ready to expand your programing skills check us out.

The history of Flash CS6

Adobe Flash CS6 has been built upon the foundations of FutureSplash Animator , a vector animations program that was released in 1996 and was one of the first ground breaking applications that evolved into the Flash we know today. Due to the macromedia's acquisition of FutureWave Software ( creators of FutureSplash ) , FutureSpash came to be known as Macromedia Flash v1.0 and then Ultimately as Adobe Flash CS3 professional with the acquisition of Macromedia by Adobe.

Recent additions to the Flash Platform:

  • Flash CS5.5 – Released in 2011 , provided improved support for publishing iPhone applications and bettered mobile, gaming and 3D workflows.
  • Flash CS5 – Allowed support for publishing into Mobile Applications(iPohone eventually banned and then opened the gate to the Android Market) . New addition included a new text engine and code snippets panel animation.
  • Flash CS4 - Released in 2010 , Improvements of ActionScript 3.0 libraries and deeper integration into Adobe Air newer designer oriented options such as containing Inverse kinematics (bones ) and feature of basic 3D object manipulation and object-based animation.
  • Flash CS3 – Released in 2009 , the first introduction of ActionScript 3.0 the first Adobe release as in the same year it Macromedia was merged into Adobe. Adobe released Flash CS3 with certain inherent features mainly: First pass of integration into other Adobe suits, richer graphing tools and the support for ActionScript 3.0.
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02geek is an online school very good friends of Adobe Flash CS6 with over 100 hours focused on developing and understanding ActionScript 3.0. Our goal is to develop your programing skills - we do it with many tools contrary to other online library or online video library we are a school with live students and more importantly live teachers and live support. Our core experience is videos we have 1000's of videos step by step guides with exams, videos, filters and more. All you need to do is sit back learn and explore your new learning. We take your right from the start-point , through the coding basics we added into every course a filter making it really easy for you to take a quick test figure out where your starting point really is and then we let you watch videos give you hard exams and expect you to interact with us as much as you need until you understand the content.

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