What's more fun than learning?
Getting gifts for doing it!

Say Hello To our Scratch Back Rewards Progam

It's very Simple, we admire you and love your amazing response to our humble online school and as a show of our appreciation we gathered some cash and asked a few friends to donate some goods to share with our supporters. It's really easy, just continue what you were doing so far and win rewards. Do you want to win more? Well, we are more than happy to find ways to reward you quicker for a modest back scratch. We will keep this page updated with current tasks that can you undertake and benefit from.

Ready to reward yourself for learning? Check out some of this months tasks and rewards...

Say Hello To our Scratch Back Rewards Progam
Say Hello To our Scratch Back Rewards Progam

How do I make Base Points?

Base points are automatically generated at the start of every month. Based on your membership level your account is updated with reward credits. Also dependent upon your membership you get diffrent complimentary base points: Base(1 points), Prime(10 points) or Elite(100 points). When upgrading/registering you will get a portion of the monthly points in proper accordance to the days left in the month (no less then 1 point).

How do I make Reward Credits?

There are a few ways to make reward credits:

  • Completing an exam with a good score (80 or up) will receive the cost of that exam(in base credits) times your account level.(base X1, prime X2 and Evangelist X3).
  • Completing our Monthly tasks can award you with many reward credits. For a list of current tasks click here

Do Reward Credits or Base Credits Expire?

No, however if you were to downgrade your account or miss a payment and neglect to settle it within 15 days, all reward and base credits will be sadly forfeited.