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An overview to the main topics that we'll learn in this class. Coding basics covered everything about variables. Now it is time for us to move to Operators. Before we begin this course, I would suggest you take the exam questions for Coding Basics and score at least 80. In operators, we mostly deal with variables. In fact, we'll use variables every now and then through all the future courses. You should therefore have the basics down for all types of variables. After gaining command in coding basics (1 and 2), you can start this course without any hesitation.


When it comes to operators, we already know what an operator basically is. Before we proceed, we quickly go back to what we learned about them in the previous course. An operator can be used to perform operations on given data. For example, the ' ' operator is used to perform addition. We'll discuss various types of operators and their uses later in this course.


You might wonder why variables are included in this course. As we discussed earlier, variables are the core part of Flash and are always associated with it. Here there is no need to go deeply into them; we'll just learn how various operations can be performed on different types of variables using operators. You can see every basic concept is repeated one way or the other in all the courses.


Nothing can be referred to something that is empty. It's a new concept in this course and we'll have a clear discussion about it during the actual video. Smooth Operators is one of the most important topics in any programming language: try to learn it to the core and if you have any doubts, we are always there to help you through our community support.

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