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Getting started with Away3D 4.0

  1. Intro (02:08)
  2. Alternatives to Away3D (04:37)
  3. Stage3D (05:10)
  4. Setting up Flash Builder (04:17)
  5. Away3D Basics (06:45)
  6. How it works (04:59)
  7. Basic Sample (09:12)
  8. Real World Sample (07:51)

Away3D Basics

The basics of Away3D

The View or viewport is a window into the 3D space. The scene- think of it as your Stage only in 3D. The Camera - is your viewpoint in space, dictates how the 3D objects are rendered into 2D. Object3D- a bunch of points in 3D space(vector3D's) and a material. Lights - optional but only just...

What can we display?

Primitives - 15 of them. Suprisingly useful. 3d models - ASE, AWD,3Ds,MD2,Collada, MQO, KMZ an dOBJ - Prefab 3D for prebaking textures - New asset manager detects, parses and stores models Programmaticlly generated meshes -extrusions, paths, ect

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