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CSS2 System Colors

In our earlier lectures we talked about colors and web-safe colors. There are some colors that are reserved for the usage of the OS/browser. Through the usage of CSS2 System colors - we can ask the browser for the system colors. With this color set we can incorporate system colors into our design.

The CSS2 System colors have been deprecated in favor of CSS3 UI specification (still in development as written). Access to the color scheme of the underlying desktop/operating system can create more easily shady interfaces that could confuse users. As its original intent was to enable smoother interface interactions the feature has been removed from the recommendation in favor of using UI elements. With that said, this feature is still widely supported and as long as the CSS3 UI elements won't be fully accepted and finalized, it will be around to be used.


  • ystem Colors
  • Introduced in CSS2
  • Deprecated in CSS3
  • useful but won't be around for long
  • Properties: css3 UI, css2 system colors

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